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Bunga Pramuria
Duration: 01:38:27
Genre: Drama
Enny Beatrice
Anwar Fuady
Nizar Zulmi
Leila is a girl from North Sulawesi, go to Jakarta to look for a job. In Jakarta, Leila became the butt of the rich. Experiencing the harsh reality Leila decided to return to the village. In his area he became acquainted with Rully, an agricultural engineer. Their relationship is not approved by parents Ruly, because he never saw Leila as a prostitute in a hotel in Jakarta. While Rudi, the young man who wants Leila defamatory Rully, that his sister Leila rapist. Leila and Rully while disconnecting. Leila and came to Manado and worked as a waitress. Then, Rully is still in love with Leila catch up. Eventually they re-united and prove that they had never done impeccably, as he had been accused person.