Updated: 3rd December 2018

Watch Service Terms and Conditions


All conditions apply to Nonton.com users. The scope of "Content" includes text, software, graphics, photos, scripts, sound, video, music, audiovisual combinations, and other materials that look at, access, or contribute to the Nonton.com website.

All content can be transferred to third party website links that are not owned or controlled by Nonton.com. Nonton.com is not responsible for the content, privacy policy, or practices of third party websites. Nonton.com cannot censor or edit the contents of content that is on third party sites. By using the Nonton.com site, you expressly release Nonton.com from any and all obligations arising from the use of third party websites.

You are aware of all the provisions of the Nonton.com site and to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of each site you visit.

Watch account

Accessing some features on the Nonton.com site, you must create a Nonton.com account. Don't use someone else's account without permission. When creating an account, you must provide accurate and complete information. You are responsible for all activities that occur in your account, and you must maintain your account's secret password safely to avoid any unwanted activity. You must notify Nonton.com if there is a security breach or unusual use of your account.

Nonton.com will not be liable for any losses caused by illegal users using your account. You will be responsible for the loss of Nonton.com or other people due to use by the unknown person.

Watch Termination Policy

Nonton.com will stop user access to services if, in the right circumstances, users are determined to become repeat users.
Nonton.com has the right to decide whether the content violates the terms of this service.
Nonton.com can at any time, without prior notice and according to its policies, delete the content and / or terminate me user.

You will not approve a service for any of the following commercial uses unless you obtain written approval from Nonton.com: the sale of access to the Nonton.com site to the service; the sale of advertisements, sponsors, or promotions is placed on the Content that has been uploaded; or sites that contain content submitted through the Nonton.com Site, unless other material not obtained from Nonton.com appears on the same page and is of sufficient value to be the basis for such sales.

Use of Content

You can only access and view Content for personal purposes and for non-commercial purposes in accordance with these Conditions. You cannot directly or through the use of any device, software, internet site, web-based services, or other means of removing, changing, cutting, avoiding, disrupting, or avoiding copyright, trademarks or other proprietary rights marked on the Content or digital rights management mechanisms, devices, or measures of protection or access to other control content related to Content including geo-filtering mechanisms.

You are prohibited directly or through the use of any device, software, internet site, web-based services, or other means of copying, downloading, streaming capture, reproducing, copying, archiving, distributing, uploading, publishing, modifying, translating, broadcasting, performing, display, sell, transmit or retransmit Content unless expressly permitted by Nonton.com in writing.

You must not incorporate Content into, or stream or retransmit Content through application hardware or software or make it available through frame or in-line links unless expressly permitted by Nonton.com in writing. In addition, you cannot create, create, distribute or advertise an index of any significant portion of content unless permitted by Watch.

You are prohibited from building a business using content, whether or not to make a profit. Content covered by these restrictions includes without limitation text, graphics, layout, interfaces, logos, photos, audio and video of any material, and stills. In addition, you are prohibited from creating derivative works or other material derived from or based on any way the Content, including montages, similar mash-ups and videos, wallpapers, greeting cards desktop themes, and merchandise, unless expressly permitted by Watch. com in writing. This prohibition applies even if you intend to provide material not for profit

Report Content Related to Copyright

User Obligations

Provide false information when submitting an application to subscribe and update information or illegally use other Member IDs and passwords.
Duplicate, distribute, or commercially use information obtained from the Nonton.com service.
Install or distribute material containing computer viruses that cause equipment malfunctions related to services, damage information and produce chaos.
Intentionally disrupting service operations, sending information that might interrupt service delivery.
Distribute false information for the benefit of personal monetary interests or other parties, or harm the wishes of other parties.
Threaten other Nonton.com members. .
Violating the provisions in the Criminal Code, the Civil Code, the Law on Electronic Information and Transactions, the Law on Copyright or other illegal or criminal activities
Change or replace information posted on the service.

Applicable provision

The applicable legal provisions are based on legal regulations in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. These terms of use and your relationship with www.nonton.com are governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, and you agree to be bound by the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia


Users agree that the use of the Nonton.com site is at your own risk. To the extent permitted by law, Nonton.com, ITS Officers, Directors, Employees, and Agents refuse all warranties, express or implied, in connection with the services and use thereof.

Nonton.com also does not guarantee, support, guarantee, or be responsible for products or services advertised or offered by third parties through "hyperlink" services or services featured in banners or other advertisements. Nonton.com will not be responsible for monitoring transactions between you third party providers, whether it's a product or service..

Jurisdiction area

If there is a dispute between the Company and Members Nonton.com regarding the use of the Service, the Company and Members of Nonton.com try to resolve it with consensus. In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved, it can file a claim in court in accordance with the Civil Code.

Change - Change

Nonton.com will regularly update the site and its contents; including the terms and conditions of this service. We can do this change at any time without prior notice and do not bear the obligation for notification of information and changes we make. We recommend that you always be updated by checking this page and our terms of service from time to time.

Limitation of Liability


This site is controlled by Nonton.com from facilities in Indonesia. Nonton.com has never made a statement that Nonton.com can be accessed in other locations. Those who access or use sites from other jurisdictions do so at their own volition and are responsible for complying with the laws of the local state.